Cool, wet pattern into midweek

1:30 PM, Sunday, May 15, 2016

It sure seems to be the season of cloudy weekends. Yesterday (Saturday) there was no storm around, but the western edge of an impressively cold high pressure system in the central U.S. was able to push enough cool, moist air into the Front Range to trigger a very persistent stratus cloud cover. If you were west of the continental divide it was a different world with bright sun and valley temperatures that reached 80 in many places.


Today, Sunday, the stratus clouds have thinned a bit, but areas of showers & thundershowers are in progress in parts of Colorado due to a storm developing in the West. So any spells of sunshine should be limited, and some periods of rain are likely (or already occurring).


Monday-Wednesday: The storm system to the West will be a very slow mover, like several others this spring. So our cool, unsettled weather should continue with only limited areas of sunshine. In fact, it appears likely that the Front Range region will experience a long period of steady cold rain on Monday and/or early Tuesday.  Accumulating snow of over 6 inches is likely above 10,000 feet. Some minor accumulation may work its way down into the foothills by Tuesday morning. The lower elevations will likely stay rain Monday night, but the snow level may get really close.



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