Monthly Archives: June 2016

A little cooler, occasionally wet for remainder of week

1:30 PM, Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The hottest weather is over for at least the next 5 days, and the recent increase in afternoon-evening showers & thunderstorms likely stay with us Thursday and Friday. At this point the holiday weekend is looking fairly typical, warm with at least some chance for late day thunderstorms.


Temperatures will likely stay a little below the average maximum Thursday and Friday (average for Denver-Boulder is mid to upper 80s), with highs around or a little below 80. Afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms will likely be widespread. Some localized areas may experience brief intense rain.


The weekend will probably continue the tendency for afternoon thunderstorms, but perhaps less numerous than the next few days. Afternoon temperatures are likely to be much closer to average. So enjoy, but if you are up in the mountains be prepared for the daily lightning hazards.


Warm, dry weekend

12:45 PM, Friday, June 24, 2016

After a hot afternoon with a slight chance of a thunderstorm today (Friday), the weekend is looking a little less hot, but still warm with near-average temperatures. There is nearly zero chance for rain Saturday and Sunday. It may be a bit breezy behind the cool front early Saturday, but that should let up during the day.

The overall weather pattern is pretty firmly established with hot conditions in the West. Hot weather will likely envelope the Front Range region again by Monday with more 90-degree days returning for the Front Range urban corridor.

Hot weekend, summer solstice Monday

10:30 AM, Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer solstice is this Monday, June 20th, at 4:34 PM MDT. That makes this the weekend that is closest to the solstice, and it will feel like summer! Afternoon temperatures will be hot, and after a very small chance of a thundershower this afternoon, there is almost zero chance of thundershowers over the weekend.


Saturday is likely to see low to mid 90s in most places below 6000 feet. Sunday may be the hottest day of the next 5 since we will be just ahead of a weak cool front. The record high temperature for Sunday is 98 in Denver and 97 in both Boulder and Colorado Springs. We are likely to get close to those temperatures, with a small chance of exceeding them.


Monday is likely to be a little less hot with a small chance of thunderstorms. But the overall pattern won’t change, so more 90+ days are likely by the middle of next week.


The Front Range region had a reasonably moist winter and spring, so the vegetation is not yet dried out, but it’s still wise to be careful with fire. To the west of the Front Range conditions are a bit drier and the hot weather struck sooner, so be careful with fire if you are heading that way.

Summery weekend

1:10 PM, Thursday, June 9, 2016

Western Colorado and the Great Basin states to our west have already received a good dose of searing summer heat. Over the next few days the Front Range region will get a taste of that, and maybe a more extended hot period beginning a week from now.


In the Colorado Springs-Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins corridor a few spots may see their first 90 this afternoon, and many areas are likely to see 90 on Friday. The weekend should be very warm and mainly dry, with afternoon temperatures ranging from the mid 80s to around 90, depending on where you are. Obviously it will be cooler in the mountains, but still warm in the heat of the day. We can’t rule out an afternoon thunderstorm, but the chances at any one spot are small. The chance for thunder in the mountains is a little greater than it is on the plains.


Early next week we will likely see cooler (but not cool) temperatures for a few days. But there is consistent indication that we may enter a multi day hot period late next week.





Warm, dry weekend on the way

1:10 PM, Thursday, June 2, 2016

Early June is a time of year with a reputation for strong thunderstorms and hail in the Front Range region. But you shouldn’t have to worry about that this weekend across Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. Mainly sunny conditions with little or no rain should be the rule over the next few days. Temperatures should be near average in and along the Front Range too (cool nights with afternoons in the lower elevations mainly in the upper 70s to low 80s). In western Colorado and Utah the lower elevation areas may get up in the 90-degree range this weekend.


Although the weather may be pleasant here, there are parts of the southern plains and Southeast that may be quite wet, so be aware if you are traveling.