Summery weekend

1:10 PM, Thursday, June 9, 2016

Western Colorado and the Great Basin states to our west have already received a good dose of searing summer heat. Over the next few days the Front Range region will get a taste of that, and maybe a more extended hot period beginning a week from now.


In the Colorado Springs-Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins corridor a few spots may see their first 90 this afternoon, and many areas are likely to see 90 on Friday. The weekend should be very warm and mainly dry, with afternoon temperatures ranging from the mid 80s to around 90, depending on where you are. Obviously it will be cooler in the mountains, but still warm in the heat of the day. We can’t rule out an afternoon thunderstorm, but the chances at any one spot are small. The chance for thunder in the mountains is a little greater than it is on the plains.


Early next week we will likely see cooler (but not cool) temperatures for a few days. But there is consistent indication that we may enter a multi day hot period late next week.





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