Worst of heat wave to the east of Colorado

1:50 PM, Tuesday, July 19.2016

The weather nerds out there have probably noticed a whole bunch of heat advisories and warnings in the mid-section of the U.S. For the remainder of the week there is likely to be some impressive heat and humidity through much of the Great Plains, Midwest, and Great Lakes regions.


The Front Range region is in this expansive area of heat too, but we are on the western edge where a little moisture has managed to slip into the area and increase the chance for clouds and thunderstorms in the afternoons. That pattern will continue, although the coverage of thunderstorms may decrease a bit in the second half of the week. Daytime highs in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs should reach 90 each day and likely in the mid 90s for some locations through Friday. Some locations will get a good quick soaking from thunderstorms while others will see little or nothing. So the fire danger will continue even though it may be somewhat reduced in a few local areas.


Less hot and generally dry weather looks like a good bet for this coming weekend.

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