Hot Wednesday; then a bit cooler and moister

4:05 PM, Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Southwest monsoon of 2016 has been reluctant to leave its origins in Mexico even though this is the time of year when it sometimes surges into the southern or central Rockies. It now appears that may change, at least for a couple days, beginning late Thursday. The weather pattern should allow some tropical moisture from the south  associated with the monsoon and a cool front from the north to team up and give us a break from the heat and and dryness late Thursday, Friday, and maybe Saturday.


It’s too early to have a good handle on the magnitude of the rain chances. But during the period late Thursday through Saturday it appears there is a good chance for more widespread afternoon and evening showers and thundershowers, and some localized areas of heavy rain.  At this point it doesn’t appear to be a long-lasting change to the pattern.


For my colleagues at UCAR/NCAR planning their summer party and road race Friday afternoon…  the good news is that it won’t be as hot. The not-so-good news is that there is a better chance for rain than we have seen in recent days. As usual, there should be areas with no rainfall, but it appears likely that most areas will get some measurable rain.

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