Cooler for second half of the week

10:35 AM, Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Once again we have a cool air mass moving in from the north that is expected to bring cooler than average weather Wednesday through Friday. Daytime highs in the Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins area will probably stay below 80 Wednesday and Thursday, and maybe Friday too.


The last cool air mass on Friday and Saturday last week didn’t stay around long, but it did result in a record low of 43 in Boulder on Saturday morning (Aug 20), and Denver’s low of 47 missed their record by 1 degree.


An increase in atmospheric moisture across southern and western Colorado should result in numerous showers and a few thundershowers there this afternoon and tonight. The best chance for significant rain is south and west of Denver, but some parts of the Denver-Boulder area will probably see a shower or thundershower this afternoon and again Wednesday. There could even be some patches of low clouds during the night and early morning.


Enjoy the late summer cooler weather!

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