Somewhat benign weather pattern to continue through the weekend

12:15 PM, Thursday, September 8, 2016

It has been a while since I blogged due in part to the lack of major weather locally. Dry weather is likely to continue statewide through the weekend. The only spice in the forecast will be some moderate swings in temperature. A cold front Friday will likely send temperatures to slightly below average Friday through Saturday morning. (The average high temperature this time of year for Denver and Boulder is mid to upper 70s.) By Sunday temperatures should be above average again ahead of another cold front on Monday. We can hold out hope that the change on Monday will bring some rain, but at this point the chance for widespread measurable rain on Monday is looking very small.


Meteorological summer (June-July-August) was drier than average for almost all of the Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins corridor (Colorado Springs was wetter). So if you are enjoying the outdoors this weekend, remember to be very careful with fire!



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