Prepare for widespread frost Friday morning

11:55 AM, Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Another cold front will move in from the north tonight and cool the Front Range region a bit more. So far incidents of frost and freezes have been isolated to the cold spots of the Front Range and eastern plains. A lack of clear skies and calm winds in many areas will probably prevent widespread frosts and freezes on Thursday morning. But on Friday morning the chances are better for frosts and freezes across many parts of eastern Colorado, including the Front Range region.


Tonight’s cold front is not very strong or moist, but it will probably be enough to trigger areas of clouds and showery precipitation in the Front Range region on Thursday. Because long-duration, steady precipitation is not expected, it should not get cold enough for snow in the lower foothills or plains. There may be a dusting in the higher foothills and mountains.


It appears that a nice mid-autumn weekend is shaping up. Assuming we don’t get much rain or snow Thursday, elevated fire danger may still be with us through the weekend. In Boulder the July-August-September total rainfall was a mere 2.12″, the driest for that period since the current climate station was established in 1990, and likely the driest July-August-September in at least 67 years.

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