Warm & dry for at least 5 more days

12:00 noon, Friday, November 11, 2016

Another warm and dry weekend is in store for all of Colorado. In fact, above average temperatures should continue through Wednesday. It is appearing likely that a cold front on Thursday will bring more seasonably cool weather as a Pacific storm system passes mainly to the north. The good news is that there may be some snow in the mountains and west-facing slopes. The bad news is that the current projection of the storm will not favor precipitation for the Front Range region. So the prolonged dry spell may continue.


How dry? As mentioned in an earlier blog, both Denver and Boulder have seen less than 1/3 the average precipitation since July 1st, and nothing is expected through at least the November 16th. For the period July 1st through November 15th, Denver will have only 1.83″ (compared to an average of 6.14), and Boulder will have only 2.50″ (compared to the 1986-2015 average of 8.07 for that period). Except for August, each month beginning in June has had above average temperature, with October and the beginning of November being exceptionally warm.


Snow? The latest Denver has gone without its first snow is November 21, 1934. In Boulder there have been several years since the 1948 that made it to November 15th, most recently in 2005. There are several years in the 1900-1947 period when Boulder went longer than November 15th (November 29, 1927 is the latest first snow). But during that period snow in Boulder was typically measured once per day at 5PM, so an early season snowfall could have occurred but melted before it was measured. It appears that both Denver and Boulder will make it to at least November 17th this year, and maybe longer.

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