Big change Thursday, maybe first snow

12:30 PM, Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A strong storm system and accompanying cold front on Thursday will make for a dramatic change on after record warmth today and Wednesday. The storm will be a relative fast mover from west to east, but it is quite strong. Although it’s not the type of setup for big Front Range snows, there is a good chance for some accumulating snow along the Front Range and northeastern plains (after a little rain or graupel). We will be watching its development tomorrow since relatively small shifts may result in more or less snowfall potential.


Front Range Region

A lack of easterly component to the flow on Thursday may limit the snow accumulation in and near the foothills. The northerly flow should be enough for accumulation in the Cheyenne area and the north side of the Palmer Divide (including the south part of metro Denver). For the rest of the region there a a couple things to watch for:

  1. A short period of northeastlies may develop Thursday and contribute to a period of rain changing to accumulating wet snow all along the Front Range.
  2. Some atmospheric instability may result in a few  local spots receiving convective snow that won’t last long but may come down hard for an hour or two.



Near the continental divide there will likely be moderate amounts, probably on the order of 6 inches at some of the high passes. The west-facing slopes appear to be a little more favored in this situation.


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