November record today, 40 degrees colder tomorrow

3:40 PM, Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Denver tied its November heat record of 80 today, and Boulder also reached 80 early this afternoon breaking the record for the date and also topping the November record of 79 last set on November 4, 1952. It’s impressive to set a November monthly heat record in the second half of the month! The warmest it will be on Thursday will likely be before sunrise, with temperatures 40 degrees colder than today by afternoon. And yes, there is still a good chance for the season’s first snow, although minor amounts.


The storm

The storm is very strong but also somewhat fast moving and will lack a long period of deep upslope (east-northeasterly flow) into the Front Range. The storm will probably be accompanied by some local areas or narrow bands of heavy convective snow (or rain changing to snow), but most of us won’t experience that. The main chance for snow should end Thursday evening.


Most likely result

4-8 inches in the mountains, heaviest near and west of the continental divide.

1-4 inches in the Cheyenne area and the higher foothills (along and west of Peak to peak Hwy)

trace – 2 inches lower foothills and plains of the Front Range (best chances in Palmer Divide Region)


A real possibility, but less likely

Little of no snow along the Front Range from Fort Collins south, OR,

A brief period of deep northeasterly wind combined with atmospheric instability may result in a couple hours of heavy wet snow or snow pellets (this is unlikely, but if it does happen DIA has just as much chance for a heavy burst as the west suburbs).

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