Two fast-moving Pacific storms this week

8:45 AM, Monday, November 21, 2016

There will be two fast-moving Pacific storms in Colorado/Wyoming this week, one this afternoon through early Tuesday, and another late Wednesday into early Thanksgiving morning. Both are likely to bring some snow to the high elevations and high passes, but only minor impacts for the foothills and plains of the Front Range region.


For today in the Front Range region, expect some showery rain this afternoon and evening, and maybe some snow showers later during the night. A few areas may get enough to whiten up the ground, while other areas probably won’t get accumulation. If you are traveling into the mountains, there may be about 6 inches in some of the high passes.


Again late Wednesday and early Thursday we will have a storm system move west-to-east across the state with little impact expected for the Front Range region other than some strong wind gusts out of the northwest. But if you are traveling west expect some light to moderate amounts of snow and wind at the high passes.


The start of the Thanksgiving weekend looks like it will bring nice weather to Colorado and Wyoming. But whether that dry and relatively mild weather will last the whole weekend is uncertain at this time. I’ll update later in the week.

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