Cold & Snowy this evening through Wednesday morning

6:05 am, Tuesday, December 6, 2016

It still looks like 2-5 inches of snow this evening through Wednesday morning, maybe 6 or a little more in the higher elevations. Very cold temperatures will be in place through Thursday. The snow should be the fluffy, low-moisture kind.


Timing & Intensity

Snow is likely to begin in the late afternoon or early evening today. Although we might get through the evening commute without much problem, you should be prepared for a snowy drive. Wednesday morning should see a snowy commute. Snow is likely to become more scattered as the clouds begin to break up during the day Wednesday.

Snow should be mainly light intensity but there may be a few moderate-intensity periods associate with narrow bands oriented southwest-northeast.



Many areas should rise above 20 today, but it may begin to turn colder with increasing clouds in the afternoon. Expect single digits tonight and only the teens Wednesday. Most areas are likely to be in the 0 to -5 range Thursday morning, with some cold spots getting down to the -5 to -10 range. Temperatures should climb above freezing on Friday.



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