Very cold weekend coming

1:15 PM, Tuesday, December 13,2016

It looks like we may be in for a cold weekend statewide with maybe a little snow in the early part of the weekend. I will update later in the week, but right now it looks like temperatures may run about 20-25 degrees below average Saturday and Sunday.



It will be a little colder tomorrow with temperatures staying below freezing all day. Expect a light accumulation of snow in the mountains as well as up near the Colorado-Wyoming border and in the Cheyenne area. But most of the Front Range urban corridor should see little or no snow.

After a cold start Thursday we will probably see temperatures climb to around 50, and the mildness should continue into at least part of Friday. It may get a bit windy in spots along the foothills.


Friday evening-Sunday

Much colder beginning late Friday. Some significant snow is likely in the mountains beginning Friday. For the foothills and plains of the Front Range the snow forecast is still uncertain. But at least some light snow accumulations appear likely Friday evening into Saturday morning.

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