Mild & Windy Thursday, Bitter Cold Weekend

10:30 AM, Wednesday, December 14, 2016

We are in for a roller coaster of temperature this week. Cold today, mild Thursday and early Friday, then what will likely be the coldest air mass since December 2014 from Friday evening through Sunday.


Thursday-early Friday

After a cold start on Thursday, temperatures in most locations along the Front Range urban corridor should top 50. But watch out for some sporadic Chinook winds gusting past 50 mph in and along the foothills (much less windy east of the foothills). The mild weather will probably continue until at least Friday morning.


Weekend Cold

The cold air mass may surge down the Front Range during the day Friday, or is may wait until early evening, it’s too early to tell yet. But once here it will get very cold. Temperatures in the low elevations may fall to between 0 and 10 Friday night and stay there all day Saturday (more than 30 degrees below average). Saturday night will likely see a range for -5 to -15. Although the cold may moderate a bit Sunday afternoon, it will likely remain very cold into Monday.


At this point only light snow amounts are expected late Friday into Saturday morning. Although this could change, it’s looking like mainly to 1-5 inch range. In the higher mountains where snow will start Friday before the cold front, heavier accumulations are expected.

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