Arctic Cold Front Today

6:00 AM, Friday, December 16, 2016


At 6 AM the cold front was through Casper, Wyoming, but not particularly fast moving. It should pass through Cheyenne around midday, the Boulder-Devner area during the afternoon, and Colorado Springs this evening. Temperatures by Saturday morning will likely be around 0 and only get to the single digits during the day. Saturday night will likely see temperatures in the range of -5 to -10 although a few cold spots (like DIA) might get a little colder than -10.



Nothing too amazing here as we expect a light snowfall Friday evening through Saturday morning. Accumulation will likely range from an inch or less over parts of the northeastern plains of Colorado to about 5 or 6 inches near the continental divide. There will probably be some higher amounts at the passes west of the continental divide and north of Cheyenne. For the Front Range these are the most likely amounts:

4-6″ Brainard Lake, Eldora, and Eisenhower Tunnel

2-4″ Cheyenne, Boulder, Nederland, western suburbs of Denver, Castle Rock

1-2″ Colorado Springs, Aurora, DIA, Longmont, Fort Collins


After a very cold morning the temperature will moderate a bit on Sunday but still stay below freezing. By Tuesday we are likely to experience warmer Chinook conditions ahead of the next cold front either Wednesday or Wednesday night. The midweek cold front should not be as cold as today’s.

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