Some snow Sunday night and Monday

1:00 PM, Sunday, January 15, 2017

A storm is moving east through southern New Mexico Sunday and will then move northeast into Kansas on Monday. It is causing winter precipitation across southern Colorado that will spread into the eastern plains. At 1PM the leading edge of light snow had been affecting Colorado Springs for hours and was slowly moving into the south and east sides of Denver.

Impact from a secondary storm

A storm on this track would typically keep its impact mainly east of the Front Range urban corridor. A secondary disturbance in Colorado Sunday night may enhance the westward expansion of the snow by Monday morning. Our reliable larger scale models (like the GFS) still suggest very little impact for the Front Range urban corridor, but a few local models are more snowy by Monday morning. Although the local models are better at resolving the influence of the mountains, they don’t always get the atmospheric features correctly so I don’t have high confidence in those solutions.


Most likely impact this evening

Some intervals of light snow or flurries are likely, especially the south and east side of Denver (including DIA) and Colorado Springs. Expect less than 1 inch, but maybe 1-2″ south and east of downtown Denver. Difficult travel should be expected near the New Mexico and Kansas borders.

Most likely impact late tonight and Monday along Front Range urban corridor

20% chance of little or nothing

70% chance of 1/2-2 inches

10% chance of 2-5 inches

Difficult travel likely near the Kansas and Nebraska border areas



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