Record warm; changes later next week

11:50 AM, Friday, March 17, 2017


The unusually warm weather will continue into early next week, with Saturday and Sunday likely to be the warmest days. Boulder tied a record high of 78 this past Wednesday, but Denver didn’t quite reach theirs. For Saturday and Sunday the records in Denver are 82 and 81, both set in 1907. In Boulder the records for Saturday and Sunday are both 77 (set in 2004 on the 18th and 1907 on the 19th).


Denver should get close to the record each day with a small chance of setting a new record. If it reaches 82 that would be the earliest that temperature has been recorded. The earliest 80-degree in Denver was set this year on February 10th, a remarkably early occurrence.


Boulder has a better chance of setting a new record on at least one day this weekend. The earliest 80-degree day in Boulder is 80 on March 16, 2015.


March snowfall

March is on average the snowiest month in Boulder and Denver (and most locations along the Front Range urban corridor). So far there has been no measurable snow in either location this month. The unusual warmth of February and the first half of March have coaxed some trees and shrubs out of dormancy making them more prone to damage from freezes or wet snow that are likely yet to occur.


Medium and long range forecasts suggest a more active storm track across the Rockies may develop later next week. Although there is more uncertainty in longer-range prediction, there has been agreement between models on this potential change. So I wouldn’t bet on a snowless March yet.

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