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Minor storm expected

6:30 AM, Monday, April 3, 2017

The storm system moving through southern Colorado tonight is somewhat limited in moisture and will go through its major intensification after it is east of our region. The result should be a relatively minor snowfall, from little or nothing in low elevations north and east of Denver to about 6-10″ in the mountains south of I-70. The timing should be late evening through early Tuesday, with some intermittent showery precipitation possible during the day on Tuesday. Hard freezes should be widespread at all elevations Wednesday morning followed by springlike weather for the remainder of the week.

6-10 inches: mountains and foothills south of I-70

3-7 inches: mountains and foothills north of I-70 and the Palmer Divide region

1-3 inches: along foothills from Boulder County south (Boulder, Broomfield, west & south sides of metro Denver, Colorado Springs

0-1 inch: DIA, Longmont, Fort Collins, Cheyenne

One storm fizzled and another is coming

12:15 PM, Sunday, April 2, 2017

A storm system heading our way will likely bring rain and snow to the region late Monday into Tuesday. Some guidance is suggesting somewhat heavy amounts in and along the foothills. It’s hard to get too excited given the storm predictions that did not verify Friday night. But the previous storm, although quite large, was weakening when it was in New Mexico at its closest approach to us. The next storm is a little different. It is likely to be in its intensification stage and may move through southern Colorado Monday night.

The potential exists for 6-10 inches in and immediate along the foothills, less further away from the foothills. That’s not a confident forecast at this point, and I will update tomorrow.


Snowless March

The official climate stations in both Boulder and Denver made it through March with no measurable snow. Only a trace (less than 0.1 inch) was recorded in both places. This had happened only twice before in Denver’s record (2012 and 1995). No measurable snow had happened four times previously in Boulder (2012, 1918, 1911, and 1910). I should note that the Boulder snowfall records a century ago were not of the best accuracy.