Showers/T-storms and maybe a period of steady rain Monday-Wednesday

3:55 PM, Sunday, May 7, 2017

Gusty showers and thunderstorms are rolling through parts of the Front Range this Sunday afternoon, and we will likely see more of that Monday and Tuesday afternoons. There is even the chance for a period of steady rain, especially Monday evening and again Wednesday.


The culprit is a storm system in the Southwest U.S. that is moving so slowly that it will likely be Thursday before it is east of Colorado. Until that storm is east of us it is drawing moisture into the Front Range from the Great Plains and even a little from the tropical Pacific (in the middle levels of the atmosphere).



Showers and thunderstorms are likely again Monday afternoon and evening, and maybe some steady rain or drizzle in the evening. Almost everyone should get some rain, and a few areas may experience a severe thunderstorm with briefly intense rain and hail.



Some showers and thunderstorms may be around during the afternoon and evening.


Wednesday-Wednesday night

As the storm system passes slowly to the south of Colorado the Front Range region may have more organized easterly (upslope) flow. The result may be an extended period of cloud cover with a multi-hour stretch of rain and cool temperatures either Wednesday or Wednesday night. Snow levels will drop, but will likely stay above 9000 feet.

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