Storm Update

12:20 PM, Thursday, May 18, 2017

The bad news is that the rain changed to snow in low elevations earlier than expected. The good news is that the melting rate is higher during the day and can balance the snowfall rate. But beware, the snow is coming in bursts and accumulation is occurring in lower elevation areas during the heavier bursts. More significant accumulation is expected in the mountains (especially north of I-70).

The precipitation is likely to become more intermittent later tonight and Friday and may even change back to rain Friday. The risk of tree damage in the lower elevations (where more vulnerable deciduous trees exist) remains and may be enhanced in some areas this evening where the heavier snow is occurring.

Most likely additional snowfall amounts (after noon on Thursday)

Above 6500 feet from I-70 northward: 8-16 inches

Above 6500 feet south of I-70: 4-10 inches (less as you go south from Pikes Peak).

Below 6500 from the Denver area north: highly variable trace to 6 inches (maybe more in Cheyenne and very little in Colorado Springs).


Watch for freezing temperatures tonight and again Friday night.




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