Now for the freeze, then a nice weekend

11:55 AM, Friday, May 19, 2017

Now that the storm is winding down there are only a few bands of showers occurring over the plains. New showers may develop briefly during the afternoon, but overall there is a drying trend. New snow amounts in the mountains should be minor and any showers in the low elevations are likely to be mainly rain.

With partial to full clearing tonight we are likely to see frosts and freezes in many low elevation areas. Throughout this whole storm neither Denver nor Boulder have had any record low temperatures. There is a chance tomorrow morning. The record low in Denver is 31 and in Boulder it’s 27, both from 1931.

Next cold front

The weekend should be mild after a cold start on Saturday. There is a small chance for a shower or thundershower late Sunday. There is a better chance for showers late Monday or Monday night with the next cold front. That system is much less impressive than the one we just had, but I can’t 100% rule out the chance for another frosty morning in some of the usual cold spots on Tuesday or Wednesday.

1 thought on “Now for the freeze, then a nice weekend

  1. Maryanne Jerome

    Your prediction was right on accurate! Three feet of snow on my deck and no electricity for 36 hours. At least I expected it, thanks to you.



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