Brief cool-down Friday, then warm holiday weekend

12:40 PM, Thursday, June 29, 2017

A cool air mass will slide down the Front Range later today and tonight and bring a cooler-than-average day on Friday. The cooler weather won’t extend to the West Slope, so hot weather with high fire danger will continue there.


Very warm weather is likely to return for the holiday weekend. There is some indication that the mid to late part of next week can see extreme heat. There is uncertainty about exactly which part of the West will be affected, but the Front Range region might be in for a heat wave.


This evening and tonight will bring the best chance of rain for the Front Range, but that’s not saying much. Moisture is limited and heavy thunderstorm rain is likely to be isolated with the best chance on the eastern plains. Later tonight or early Friday we may see some areas of low clouds and possibly light rain as the cool air mass pushes in. But it’s possible that much of the region will get through the next 24 hours with little or no rain. The chance for rain over the weekend is looking very small.


Although a few local spots may have received a good downpour this month, the official recording stations in Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder, and Cheyenne (and I think Fort Collins too) are much below average. Both Denver and Boulder could see one of the driest 5 Junes (but not the driest) if it doesn’t rain tonight.  Be careful with fire this weekend!

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