Warm & Dry, Then Cold Front late Wednesday

7:00 AM, Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The deep atmospheric moisture associated with the monsoon has been pushed to the south of Colorado. As a result today through at least midday Wednesday should see very warm and dry weather. Then a cold front from central Canada is likely late Wednesday afternoon or evening. Some moisture in the low levels will move into Colorado behind the front and increase the chances for cloudy intervals and some showers and thunderstorms Wednesday afternoon through Thursday. Daytime temperatures Thursday are likely to be about 15 degrees cooler than today.


The Front Range region from Denver north finished out July drier than average (with a few local exceptions). Together with a dry June we are seeing a big summer rainfall deficit at climate stations like Denver, Boulder, and Cheyenne. Across southern Colorado it is a very different story. And active monsoon brought a moist July to many locations, including over 6 inches in Colorado Springs. Even the high desert location of Alamosa had around 3 times its July average with over 3 inches.

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