Unseasonably cool and damp to start the week

1:00 PM, Sunday, August 6, 2017

A cooler air mass has moved into the region as forecast (mainly east of the continental divide) and we are in for several days with below-average temperatures, a few showers or thundershowers, and maybe even a multi-hour period with steady drizzle or rain.


It’s likely that Monday will be the coolest day with the best chance of rain. Monday’s temperatures may not make it out of the 60s even in the lower elevations. Sunny intervals by Tuesday should allow temperatures to warm back to the 70s, but we might remain below the average daytime high in the 80s most of this week.


Despite the long stretch of unseasonably cool weather, it’s possible we will get through without setting any record lows. The record lows in Denver on Monday and Tuesday are 50 and 49, and in Boulder they are 47 and 46. Denver has a better chance than Boulder of reaching one of those, but it’s only a small chance. The record low maximum temperature on Monday is 65 in Denver and 54 in Boulder, both from 1939. Denver has a shot, but Boulder will get warmer than 54.


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