Some snow this evening and Tuesday

6:20 AM, Monday, November 6, 2017

Colder weather and intermittent snow (maybe starting briefly as rain) is expected this evening into at least Tuesday morning. Most areas should have light accumulation. A return to more seasonable temperatures is expected by Thursday.


The front and initial precipitation is expected this evening, possibly late afternoon in southeastern Wyoming. Most of what we get will probably occur overnight and Tuesday morning, but there is a good chance for clouds and maybe flurries to linger into late Tuesday.



1-3 inches should be the most common amount below 7000 feet

3-5 inches will probably be common above 7000 feet (maybe 5-10 in local areas above treeline, especially the northern Front Range)

Chance for enhanced snowband: This is the kind of storm where a long-narrow, west-east band can develop and enhance snowfall rates in the lower elevations, but only for about 10% of the area. That could cause local amounts in the 3-6 inch range. Right now (as of this 6 AM writing) it appears the best chance for that would be in northern Larimer County or in the Cheyenne area. The chance for a heavy snowband over the Denver or Boulder area is much smaller, but it’s not a zero chance.

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