Unseasonably warm and dry Thanksgiving weekend

11:30 AM, Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The whole Rocky Mountain region and adjacent high plains are in for a dry and unseasonably warm Thanksgiving weekend. There may be a slight and temporary cool-down late Friday and Saturday, but the cold and snow that sometimes occur this time of year are not expected.

A small chance for record highs

There is only a small chance for reaching record highs, but we should at least get close. The record highs for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in Denver are 74 (1998), 73 (1915), and 74 (1990). For Boulder the Wed-Fri records are 73 (2006), 72 (1901), and 71 (1990). On Saturday we might be a bit cooler and the record is an impressive 77 (1990) in both places, so that one seems very out of reach. Right now it appears Sunday could be approaching record warmth again (72 in both locations).

Travel weather

Given that this time of year does sometimes bring major storm systems, this year appears rather quiet by comparison. Clouds and precipitation are likely to effect parts of the Pacific Northwest on Wednesday and Thursday and again at the end of the weekend. It may be showery in Florida on Thanksgiving day.

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