One more very warm day, colder Monday night

6:00 AM, Monday, November 27, 2017

Expect one more day with record or near record warm today, then more seasonable weather Monday night and Tuesday. Light snow is likely Monday night in the mountains and Palmer Divide region.


On Sunday record warm temperatures included 74 in Denver, 73 in Boulder, and 71 in both Colorado Springs and Cheyenne. Monday’s records are 74 in Denver (1950), 75 in Boulder (1903), 72 in Colorado Springs (1998), and 68 in Cheyenne (1950).


The cold front should sweep north to south this evening, maybe late afternoon in Cheyenne. Some light snow (generally less than 3 inches) is likely in the mountains and Palmer Divide Region tonight and early Tuesday. There is only a small chance for accumulating snow along foothills and plains of the Front Range region, and many areas will likely stay dry. It appears that the chance for snow is a little greater south of Denver. By Tuesday afternoon the sun should be showing again and temperatures are expected to be 25 degrees colder than Monday afternoon. It should be a little milder again on Wednesday, but not a return to the warmth we have seen.


There are indications that a more substantial cold spell may hit in about a week’s time.

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