Still no big snowstorms on the way, but possibly windy through early Friday

Thursday, January 11, 2017

A rather dry snow season continues through the holiday weekend. Some snow is likely in the mountains, mainly west-facing slopes, through Friday, but dry for the Front Range. Temperatures along the Front Range are likely to be a bit milder than average Friday and Sunday, with sightly colder readings Saturday and Monday. There could be some light snow out on the high plains late Monday, but little or nothing is expected for the Front Range.


Some excitement for the Front Range may come in the form of strong wind gusts Thursday night or Friday morning, mainly in and near the foothills. A area of strong winds is passing over the state. Exposed areas in the foothills and mountains will likely see gusts over 70 mph. In the Boulder area and west suburbs of Denver it’s possible that the strong winds will stay just above the surface, but you should be prepared for areas of strong wind and use caution when driving north-south highways along the foothills. Because our Chinook windstorms move in from above conditions can change rapidly from nearly calm to very windy.

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