Snowy Sunday on the way

3:00 PM, Saturday, January 20, 2018

Expect a snowy Sunday, mainly in the morning, with winter travel conditions. The storm is likely to start along the Front Range late tonight (around midnight, maybe a little earlier in Cheyenne), peak Sunday morning, and taper off during the afternoon. Snow and blowing snow might linger well into the afternoon for the far eastern plains of Colorado.

Most likely accumulations:

4-7 inches: foothills, Fort Collins, Boulder, Denver (less in Colorado Springs).

6-10 inches in the higher mountains (above treeline), and in the Cheyenne area.

Areas of blowing snow, especially east of I-25


If there will be more, what to watch for:

The storm is intensifying as it moves east into Kansas. If that intensification is a little early or the storm movement slows, moderate or heavy snow might continue a little longer into the Sunday midday hours. That’s only a small chance, but that chance is at least as great out at DIA as it is near the foothills.

On the other hand, if the intensification is delayed, the heavy snow might not develop at all along the foothills, also a small chance.


Dry weather should return Monday-Thursday.



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