Below average temperature all week after record lows today and tonight

Noon, Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Cold weather will continue all week, but less extreme after Wednesday. Some intervals with clouds and flurries are possible late today and again Thursday afternoon into Friday.

Record Cold

Boulder got down to -6 this morning eclipsing the old record of -1 set in 1918. DIA got down to at least -3 from what I can tell which was not a new record. DIA is often one of the coldest locations in the Denver area, but low clouds hung on a little longer out there preventing ideal radiational cooling.


Tonight the record is -2 in Denver (1955) and +4 in Boulder (1911). In both cases they are the warmest record lows in February (and in Boulder’s case the only one above zero). There is a chance of getting down to the record tonight, especially in Boulder.


Today’s record low maximum temperatures are 16 in Denver (1911) and 17 in Boulder (1918). It’s possible we will stay colder than that in at least one location.


Cold and unsettle this week

The record cold will pass, but below average temperatures will continue for the rest of the week.

A storm system to our west is close enough to result in some periods of clouds and light snow at times through the week. Late today is one period where some light snow or flurries are possible, with very minor accumulations of a half-inch or less, mainly south of Larimer County.

Another period when the chance of light snow or flurries increases is late Thursday through Friday. That too looks minor.

The good news is that the mountains of Utah and southern Colorado, where the snowpack is well below average, are finally getting some. It’s not enough to erase the snow deficit, but it helps. In northern Colorado the mountain snowpack is not as bad, and they are getting some snow too this week.



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