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Cooler & more moist toward midweek

12:40 PM, Monday, April 30, 2018

April is ending drier than average for most of the Front Range region, but the first few days of May are likely to bring some moisture to the area. A large, slow-moving, and somewhat diffuse storm system is developing to the west of Colorado and it may be Thursday before it moves to the east of us.

Cooler temperatures and more cloudy periods are likely Tuesday-Wednesday with a small chance of showers or thunderstorms Tuesday (mainly afternoon and evening). There appears to be a better chance for showers or thunderstorms Wednesday afternoon and evening, and possibly a period of steady rain or drizzle Wednesday night and/or early Thursday. Wet snow is likely in the mountains and foothills by Wednesday evening (mostly above 7500 feet).



Although there is variability in the date for last 32-degrees across the lower elevation communities, this week is the median date for most places (that means that about half the time 32 degrees occurs after this date). Once we get beyond May 15th most low elevation areas only have a 1-in-10 chance of another 32-degree night. It’s too early to say whether this will be one of the late-frost seasons or not, so your willingness to cover your plants on cold nights will help determine how soon you will get the tender annuals in the ground.

Warm Monday, Cold Tuesday, Mild Wednesday

6:00 AM, Monday, April 23, 2018

After a warm day, a cold front this evening will result in clouds and colder weather tonight and Tuesday. Mild, sunny weather should return on Wednesday.  Several inches of snow is likely in the mountains and foothills tonight and Tuesday. For the lower elevations there is likely to be some rain showers (maybe a thundershower) scattered around late today and tonight. Some snow is possible later tonight, but only minor accumulation, if any, is expected.

Wetter and cloudier by late Friday

12:15 PM, Thursday, April 19, 2018

A moderately strong Spring storm will move through southern Colorado Friday afternoon and night bringing a good chance of both rain and snow (depending on elevation) for the Front Range region. As with the last few weekends, Saturday might be cold and damp in the morning, but better by afternoon. Sunday looks like a mild Spring day.

Mountains and Foothills

The foothills are likely to see rain and then wet snow Friday afternoon and night, and maybe some thunder early in the storm. Between 6000 and 8000 feet 1-4 inches of accumulation of wet snow is most likely. Above 8000 feet 3-8 inches is most likely (some local areas over 8). The occurrence of some brief convective snow could cause a lot of variability over short distances.

Front Range urban corridor and plains

For areas below 6000 feet there is an 80% chance that there will be little or no snow accumulation. Intermittent rain Friday afternoon, maybe with thunder, might mix with snow at times in the evening and overnight. There is a 20% chance of a changeover to snow resulting in some accumulation, mainly in grassy areas.

Enjoy the moisture!


Windy, colder, some areas of snow on Friday

12:30 PM, Thursday, April 12, 2018

A strong Spring storm will sweep through Colorado tonight bringing windy conditions and colder temperatures. It’s not the correct orientation for widespread significant snow along the east slopes of the Front Range, but significant snow is likely near the continental divide and out on the far northeastern plains.



If you are traveling west expect snowy conditions at the high passes and west-facing slopes tonight and Friday.  Out on the far northeastern plains and into Nebraska snow and blowing snow will likely impact travel Friday and Friday night.

For the eastern foothills and Front Range urban corridor gusty north to northwest winds tonight and Friday will reduce the chance for upslope precipitation, but there may be showery snowfall with little or no accumulation.


The wildcard

Almost all indications are that this storm system will be centered east of Colorado by daybreak Friday,  but it will briefly wobble westward late Friday.  That wobble should not be far enough west to impact most of the Colorado Springs-Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins corridor in a big way. If some snow moves in from the east, it will most likely whiten things up south of Denver and north of Colorado Springs, and around Cheyenne.


Weekend outlook

It should be similar to last weekend. Sunday will be the milder of the two days, but Saturday probably won’t be too bad after a cold morning.

Strong Cold Front on Friday

11:45 AM, Thursday, April 5, 2018

A strong cold front Friday is likely to bring in low clouds and some areas of light snow or freezing drizzle. The weekend looks okay (for April) after a cold start Saturday morning, and maybe some brief showers and gusty winds Saturday night and early Sunday.


The polar air mass may be here by daybreak, but it’s looking more like the real surge of cold air will be during the day. Temperatures will probably fall during the day in the northeastern foothills and plains, with 30s in some low elevation areas during the afternoon.

Near the Wyoming border and in the Cheyenne area, 1-3 inches of snow is likely. For the Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins corridor (and adjacent foothills) some periods of freezing drizzle or light snow are likely, with 0-1 inch accumulation. High elevation areas along and west of Peak to Peak highway will probably see the 1-4 inch range. Colorado Springs has a smaller chance of anything measurable.


After a cold morning on Saturday (maybe with some low clouds or fog clinging on in some areas), the afternoon should have some sun and near seasonable temperatures.  Another front Saturday night or early Sunday probably won’t turn it colder, but it might bring some gusty west winds and brief showers.

That storm is the same one bringing heavy rains to California on Friday. It will loose some of its moisture, but some high passes near and west of the continental divide might see enough snow to mess up the roads by Sunday morning. For the eastern foothills and plains, west winds will prevent long-duration precipitation, but some showery rain is possible Saturday night or early Sunday.

Windy later today and this evening

6:05 AM, Monday, April 2, 2018

Mild and increasingly breezy conditions today will precede a cold front late this afternoon. Behind the cold front we will probably see cool, gusty northwest winds spread out over the plains through the evening. Precipitation will be mainly in the mountains, with little or no precipitation in the lower foothills and plains. The real story weather story should be the wind following the cold front.


The winds should calm down Tuesday, and mild spring weather will return Wednesday. The next cold front is due in late Thursday or Thursday night.