Strong Cold Front on Friday

11:45 AM, Thursday, April 5, 2018

A strong cold front Friday is likely to bring in low clouds and some areas of light snow or freezing drizzle. The weekend looks okay (for April) after a cold start Saturday morning, and maybe some brief showers and gusty winds Saturday night and early Sunday.


The polar air mass may be here by daybreak, but it’s looking more like the real surge of cold air will be during the day. Temperatures will probably fall during the day in the northeastern foothills and plains, with 30s in some low elevation areas during the afternoon.

Near the Wyoming border and in the Cheyenne area, 1-3 inches of snow is likely. For the Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins corridor (and adjacent foothills) some periods of freezing drizzle or light snow are likely, with 0-1 inch accumulation. High elevation areas along and west of Peak to Peak highway will probably see the 1-4 inch range. Colorado Springs has a smaller chance of anything measurable.


After a cold morning on Saturday (maybe with some low clouds or fog clinging on in some areas), the afternoon should have some sun and near seasonable temperatures.  Another front Saturday night or early Sunday probably won’t turn it colder, but it might bring some gusty west winds and brief showers.

That storm is the same one bringing heavy rains to California on Friday. It will loose some of its moisture, but some high passes near and west of the continental divide might see enough snow to mess up the roads by Sunday morning. For the eastern foothills and plains, west winds will prevent long-duration precipitation, but some showery rain is possible Saturday night or early Sunday.

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