Cooler & more moist toward midweek

12:40 PM, Monday, April 30, 2018

April is ending drier than average for most of the Front Range region, but the first few days of May are likely to bring some moisture to the area. A large, slow-moving, and somewhat diffuse storm system is developing to the west of Colorado and it may be Thursday before it moves to the east of us.

Cooler temperatures and more cloudy periods are likely Tuesday-Wednesday with a small chance of showers or thunderstorms Tuesday (mainly afternoon and evening). There appears to be a better chance for showers or thunderstorms Wednesday afternoon and evening, and possibly a period of steady rain or drizzle Wednesday night and/or early Thursday. Wet snow is likely in the mountains and foothills by Wednesday evening (mostly above 7500 feet).



Although there is variability in the date for last 32-degrees across the lower elevation communities, this week is the median date for most places (that means that about half the time 32 degrees occurs after this date). Once we get beyond May 15th most low elevation areas only have a 1-in-10 chance of another 32-degree night. It’s too early to say whether this will be one of the late-frost seasons or not, so your willingness to cover your plants on cold nights will help determine how soon you will get the tender annuals in the ground.

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