Wet today

6:00 AM, Wednesday, May 2, 2017

Expected periods of rain to develop today and continue into tonight, perhaps punctuated by some brief heavier showers or thundershowers. Accumulating wet snow is likely in the mountains with the heavier accumulations (6 or more inches) mainly above 9000 feet and, and light accumulations above 7500 feet. The snow level may work it’s way into parts of the lower elevations later tonight, but little or no accumulation is expected in the lower foothills and plains.

As the storm moves east late tonight and Thursday morning the precipitation will likely become more intermittent. Prepare for a possible frosty morning on Friday in the low elevations followed by a nice warmup Friday afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Wet today

  1. Charlie Stein

    Hi Matt, I would like to signup for your blog and emails. I don’t see how to do it myself.
    Thanks, Charlie


    1. mkelsch14 Post author

      Hello Charlie-

      When you go to mattkelsch.com there is a “follow” button in the lower right (at least on the two browsers that I tried). It goes away, so you have to catch it quickly. Thanks!




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