Clouds and thunderstorms return Friday

12:10 PM, Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thunderstorms, some severe, may return to the northeastern plains of Colorado this afternoon, but the threat is mainly east of the Front Range urban corridor. On Friday a storm system developing to our west should draw moisture westward into the Front Range.  The result is likely to be showers and thunderstorms Friday and Friday night for the Front Range and plains. Some areas may experience heavy rain and hail.

The location of the heavier precipitation on Saturday is uncertain. The surface storm system is likely to be in Kansas, but the mid & upper level storm should be near or over the Front Range. If it is a little west/southwest of the Front Range we could see steady rain early and then thunderstorms. But if the upper storm is over or a little east of the Front Range the tendency will be for the heavier precipitation to shift to the east on Saturday. The current modeled data favor the more eastern location of heavy rain on Saturday, but that is not a high confidence forecast. I will update tomorrow.

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