A little better chance for thunderstorms on July 4th

12:50 PM MDT, Monday, July 2, 2018

Hot weather should continue this week, but not as hot as last week. There may even be a cold front passage in eastern Colorado on the 4th that brings the temperature down to average (mid and upper 80s in the Denver-Boulder area). There are areas of smoke floating around the region too, and we may continue to have periods of haze over the next few days.


Rain: Atmospheric moisture will likely increase a little bit Wednesday and Thursday and that should increase the chance for afternoon/evening showers and thunderstorms. This is not appearing to be a pattern for widespread rain, so many parts of the state will likely remain dry (or nearly dry).


Records: June 28th brought records to Cheyenne (99), Boulder (98), Denver (105), and Colorado Springs (100). Then the morning of July 1st came within 1 degree of record lows in Boulder (46), Denver (47), and Colorado Springs (44). No records are expected this week.



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