Perseid meteor shower this weekend

10 AM MDT, Friday, August 10, 2018

The Perseids are one of the two most dependable major meteor showers of the year (the Geminids in mid December are the other). The Perseids are fast-moving which can make them hard to see if you’re not paying attention. But their fast movement also means a lot of energy gets released when they hit the atmosphere, and so they are known for producing some really bright streaks with smoke trails.


The peak time is after midnight when they tend to be higher in the sky. Sunday and Monday mornings are both in the peak, but the astronomy websites and journals seem to be more focused on Monday between midnight and daybreak.


This year has the added benefit of no moon in the late night and early morning hours. The possible down side is smoke haze from western fires that could dim the display a tiny bit.  But the middle and upper atmosphere flow this weekend will be mainly from the north (rather than west-to-east) so there is hope that we will see clearer skies in Colorado.


…and the weather

Dry conditions and average to slightly above average temperatures are expected across the central Rockies region through Monday.

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