Chance for T-showers Saturday, cooler Sunday

12:50 PM MDT, Friday, August 17, 2018

A weak cool front from the west on Saturday will bring a small chance for thundershowers in the midday to afternoon hours and cool the temperatures just a little bit compared to today. Then another cool front from the north on Sunday should bring cooler weather by Sunday afternoon. The cool front on Sunday may bring a period of cloudy weather, but probably not much rain.


This season’s monsoon has not been very impressive. When it has streamed north into the southwestern U.S., it has been mainly south of Denver. The southern Front Range (including Colorado Springs) have had some wet weather, but the recent rain and hail was more of a severe weather setup than a monsoon pattern. Monsoon thunderstorms are typically slow-moving, wet, but non-severe (no big hail) and are connected with a plume of tropical moisture from Mexico. We haven’t had a strong pattern like that this month, and there won’t be this weekend.

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