Generally nice end-of-summer weekend, some thunderstorms

2:15 PM MDT, Friday, August 31, 2018

The late summer weather pattern is expected to continue through the 3-day weekend. There are two difference between the last couple days and what you can expect this weekend. 1) High temperatures should be about 5-10 degrees cooler than yesterday and today. 2) The chance for afternoon and evening thunderstorms returns.


During the course of the weekend almost everyone in the Front Range region will probably experience a shower or thunderstorm at least once with amounts varying from a heavy downpour in a few spots, to very little in other places.


For the higher elevations some of the showers may have some graupel (snow pellets) or snow mix in, but this is not looking like the first real snowfall for the mountain region. September is the time where the first real snows hit the mountains, but we don’t see that just yet. For the lower elevations Mother Nature usually brings the first frosts and snow in early to mid October, but occasionally that could occur by late September. There is no indication of such an event in the near future, although a cold front is likely to at least turn it cooler late Tuesday or Wednesday.


Have a nice weekend!

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