Hurricane madness elsewhere, but very warm and dry for the Front Range

12:05 PM MDT, Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Several tropical cyclones are threatening U.S. states and territories, most prominent is Hurricane Florence for the Carolinas, and that will be dominating weather news through the weekend.


For the Front Range there is minor news possible in the form of record high temperatures today and tomorrow. There is enough moisture in the atmosphere to trigger cumulus clouds that will limit the solar heating. But even with that we are likely to get close to records. The records for today are 92 in Denver (1951) and 91 in Boulder (1974) and for tomorrow they are 94 in Denver (1911) and 93 in Boulder (1956). The warmth will still be with us on Thursday, but the records are pretty hot that day (96 in Denver and 95 in Boulder, both from 1990), so we will probably not set any records that day.  It could be early next week before we see a real cold front and a chance for showers. Enjoy the late season heat. This is a far different atmosphere than what we had 5 years ago on September 11-12 when records rains triggered widespread floods and landslides.



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