Cold and snow returns this evening

9:15 AM MDT, Saturday, October 13, 2018

A cold front is just now (at 9 AM) pushing southward into northeastern Wyoming and will likely reach Cheyenne later in the afternoon and move south through the Front Range and high plains of Colorado this evening. Clouds and precipitation are expected to develop within a few hours of the front. There may be a small amount of rain at first, and then periods of snow this evening into Sunday. The snow will probably become showery and light during the day Sunday.


Snow accumulation

*the high end of the ranges given below are likely in a subset of the region where narrow southwest-to-northeast bands of heavier snow develop

High plains and Fort Collins, Longmont, Denver/DIA, Colorado Springs: 1-4″

Palmer Divide, foothills, south and west Denver suburbs, Broomfield, Boulder: 3-6″

Cheyenne, Nederland, Rocky Mountain Park: 4-7″


Record Cold

Low elevation temperatures will plunge quickly to the 20s after the cold front, stay in the 20s on Sunday, and fall to the teens by Monday morning with some of the normally colder spots along the Front Range getting into the single digits. Record lows on Monday morning are likely throughout the Front Range urban corridor. The current records that are likely to be broken on Monday morning are:

Denver 20

Boulder 20

Fort Collins 19

Cheyenne 17


Trees and vegetation

There could be some tree limb damage tonight. The snowfall is not expected to be very deep or exceptionally dense, so widespread severe tree damage is not expected. Still, I’d advise not to park under trees and have your electronics charged up just in case.


Equally damaging to trees and shrubs could be the extreme early-season cold. That damage might not be obvious until much later.



Although there is still a reservoir of warmth in the ground, the cold temperatures and the fact that the heaviest snow may come during the night means that you should expect icy and snow-covered roads tonight and early Sunday. Road conditions should improve Sunday.

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