Cold weekend; clouds & light snow/freezing drizzle Saturday

5:45 AM MST, Friday, November 16, 2018

Expect a cold weekend with some snow around on Saturday, and sun returning on Sunday.  A strong cold front should move north to south through the Front Range region this evening followed by low clouds. It may take until morning for the clouds and colder weather to get into the higher elevations.  Temperatures on Saturday are likely to stay in the 20s all day throughout the Front Range urban corridor and then return to the 40s Sunday afternoon.


Initially the middle and upper parts of the atmosphere might be somewhat dry. That limits the cloud depth and the generation of larger snow crystals. So we may see some areas of light snow, snow grains, or freezing drizzle late tonight and early Saturday. On Saturday we are likely to transition to all snow where there is precipitation.


Accumulations are expected to be on the light side, with the highest amounts in the northern Front Range region, and little or nothing down in Colorado Springs.

3-5 inches: Cheyenne

2-4 inches: Fort Collins

1-3 inches Denver-Boulder metro

0-2 inches south of Denver







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