Thanksgiving weekend outlook

6 AM MST, Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Mild and dry weather will be in place for Colorado and Wyoming from now until Thanksgiving Day. Two cold fronts are expected to move west-to-east across the region, one Thanksgiving night, and another on Saturday with mountain snow.


The weather should not impede your ability to get to you destination on Thanksgiving. A Pacific cold front on Thursday night should have little or no effect in the Cheyenne to Colorado Springs corridor other than to cause a few localized sprinkles or snow showers, and make it a bit cooler on Friday. Light snow accumulation is likely in the mountains by Friday morning.


A stronger and colder storm system on Saturday is likely to bring significant snow to mountain areas and west-facing slopes. For the Front Range urban corridor the impacts, other than colder temperatures, are likely to be minor due to the lack of upslope flow. But the exact path of that storm is still a bit uncertain. I’ll update on Friday in case it appears the chance for snow along the Front Range becomes more likely for Saturday.


Happy Thanksgiving!


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