Second cold front of the weekend today

7AM MST, Saturday, November 24, 2018

Another Pacific cold front today will be stronger and more moist than the one Thursday night. Snowfall in the mountains and West Slope will intensify today. Winter travel can be expected over the mountain passes and on wind-prone stretches of I-70 and I-80 west of Denver and Cheyenne.


Although the Front Range foothills and eastern plains will not get a major winter storm, the front passage will be noticed here too as strong gusty northwest winds and some localized snow squalls. The wind is likely to kick in later this morning or early afternoon as the front comes through. Some snow showers from the west side of the continental divide will probably spill over to the east side. Brief squally snow showers are possible in some areas. Although the snow should be brief, it may quickly whiten the ground (less than and inch) in some locations while nearby locations have nothing. Nearer to the continental divide (west of Peak to Peak Highway) several more inches of snow are likely today.


Chilly, but dry and less windy weather is in store for Sunday.



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