Next cold front tonight

9:30 AM MST, Sunday, January 27, 2019

After a mild and windy day along the Front Range, a cold front is likely to drop temperatures at least 25 degrees for Monday. Several areas of snow are likely to develop late tonight and early Monday morning resulting is some intermittent snow. Accumulations, where they occur, should be mainly 2 inches or less. The best chance for 2 inches is in the Palmer Divide region and the south suburbs of Denver.


During the next 4-5 days there will be an impressively cold arctic air mass to our east that is likely to set some historic record lows in the upper Midwest. To the west of Colorado/Wyoming warmer than average weather will dominate. Eastern Colorado (including the Front Range region) is likely to be a little more under the influence of the cold side of the pattern through midweek, although not nearly as extremely cold as it will be a little farther to the east. There appears to be a good chance of the warm side of the pattern taking over by the end of the week.



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