Cold front this afternoon, another over the weekend

Noon MST, Thursday, February 14, 2019

This afternoon

At noon it was in the upper 50s in metro Denver and the low 30s in far northeastern Colorado. The cold front is right about at DIA and marching west, so the afternoon will be turning colder with some areas of low clouds developing. As moist Pacific air streams across the region from the west, there will continue to be snow near the continental divide. That moisture will probably result in a few areas of light snow (or a bit a rain at first) this evening in eastern Colorado, including the urban corridor. Accumulations, where they occur, are likely to be minor.



The cold air will probably get pushed back to the east during the day on Friday by milder westerly flow, but the chinook winds with it are likely to be more localized than the intense gusts last night. On Saturday the next cold front is likely to arrive by afternoon perhaps accompanied by some gusty north or northwest winds. Little or no precipitation is expected with it.



The remainder of the holiday weekend and the start of the workweek is looking colder than average, perhaps staying below freezing all day even in the lower elevations by Monday. There is a chance for light snow amounts. I’ll update over the weekend if the snow chances start looking more certain for Sunday or Monday.

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