Small adjustment to snow forecast

7:30 AM MST, March 2, 2019

For those who followed this blog the last two days, there are two adjustments to the forecast snow.

  1. The potential for some heavy snowfall rates has shifted south a little. This means the south part of Denver and Colorado Springs are a little more at risk, while Fort Collins and Cheyenne are a bit less at risk for the higher amounts. The risk for Boulder and the north part of metro Denver has not changed.
  2. It had looked like the storm would be over on Sunday morning, but now it appears that additional light accumulation may occur into Sunday night.



As of 7am, 2-5 inches has fallen in Fort Collins and Cheyenne, less to the south. An east was band of snow is current affecting the northern part of metro Denver.

There may be a lull during the late morning or midday hours, but we still expect the main snowfall this afternoon and overnight. After a possible lull in action Sunday, some more light snow and flurries are likely to develop (mainly from Boulder-Denver southward) late Sunday and Sunday night.


Additional Accumulations (7AM Saturday to 7AM Sunday)

5-9″- in and along the foothills from Boulder County southward (Denver west of I-25, Nederland, Boulder, Broomfield, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs)

3-6″- east side of Denver, Longmont, Fort Collins

2-4″- Cheyenne, Greeley

Additional accumulations late Sunday

dusting – 2″ mostly likely from Boulder-Denver southward



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