Strong spring cyclone in eastern Colorado on Wednesday

1:30 PM MDT, Monday, March 11, 2019

A spring storm will develop and strengthen rapidly Wednesday and Wednesday evening as it moves from eastern Colorado into western Kansas. Scattered rain and even some thunderstorms may occur Tuesday night into Wednesday, and then snow and blowing snow, especially on the northeastern plains of Colorado, late Wednesday and Wednesday night. This is the kind of storm that could close I-70 and I-76 east of Denver, and possibly sections of I-25.


The specific location of the storm as it intensifies is very important for potential snow in the Denver-Cheyenne corridor. Well to the north of the storm center northeasterly “upslope” winds support heavier snow once the changeover to snow occurs, and this may occur from Fort Collins to Cheyenne. Closer to Denver-Boulder the winds around the storm may be north or even northwest along the foothills reducing the potential in places like Lyons, Longmont, Boulder, and Golden. To the east this is less of an issue, so DIA and Weld County could have a worse storm than areas nearer the foothills. This can all change with slight shift in the track.


For now the following looks most probable:

Possible blizzard conditions and more the 6″ along and east of I-25. Probably 12″ is spots out on the high plains east and northeast of Denver. Prepare for significant disruption at DIA.


Probably less than 6 inches west of I-25 from around Loveland south to Golden (including Boulder). Also lesser amounts in Colorado Springs.


4-8″ Fort Collins, Cheyenne, and the north-facing slopes of the Palmer Divide (south suburbs of Denver)


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