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Maybe some brief, squally precipitation and gusty winds this evening

12:45 PM MST, Friday, March 8, 2019

A Pacific cold front will blow through this evening (probably between 4 and 8 PM for the Front Range region) accompanied by some brief showers of rain, snow, and or graupel. Precipitation probably won’t fall in all areas, but some local spots may get briefly moderate precipitation with strong west or northwest wind. The Storm Prediction Center has the area outlined for possible thunderstorms. There are a few lightning strikes showing up in western Colorado now, but it isn’t a lot, so I think there is a chance for thunder, but it is small.


After the precipitation is over the risk of gusty west or northwest winds may continue into early Saturday, with some localized gusts around 60 mph. The chances for precipitation for the remainder of the weekend are very low, and temperatures are likely to be near or a little below average.


For the mountains and high passes, more heavy snow today will likely taper to localized areas of lighter snowfall on Saturday. The avalanche risk might continue into the weekend, so check local travel routes and advisories if you are heading west.

Small adjustment to snow forecast

7:30 AM MST, March 2, 2019

For those who followed this blog the last two days, there are two adjustments to the forecast snow.

  1. The potential for some heavy snowfall rates has shifted south a little. This means the south part of Denver and Colorado Springs are a little more at risk, while Fort Collins and Cheyenne are a bit less at risk for the higher amounts. The risk for Boulder and the north part of metro Denver has not changed.
  2. It had looked like the storm would be over on Sunday morning, but now it appears that additional light accumulation may occur into Sunday night.



As of 7am, 2-5 inches has fallen in Fort Collins and Cheyenne, less to the south. An east was band of snow is current affecting the northern part of metro Denver.

There may be a lull during the late morning or midday hours, but we still expect the main snowfall this afternoon and overnight. After a possible lull in action Sunday, some more light snow and flurries are likely to develop (mainly from Boulder-Denver southward) late Sunday and Sunday night.


Additional Accumulations (7AM Saturday to 7AM Sunday)

5-9″- in and along the foothills from Boulder County southward (Denver west of I-25, Nederland, Boulder, Broomfield, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs)

3-6″- east side of Denver, Longmont, Fort Collins

2-4″- Cheyenne, Greeley

Additional accumulations late Sunday

dusting – 2″ mostly likely from Boulder-Denver southward



Snow and cold on track for the weekend

1:45 PM MST, Friday, March 1, 2019

The first front has moved through most of the Front Range region as we speak. Some spotty snow may occur later today or this evening, but accumulations through this evening should be minor, if any. The best chance is up near the Wyoming border and in Cheyenne. The real cold and snow will be here tomorrow and Sunday.

Snow: Saturday through early Sunday

Snow will likely be occurring near the Wyoming/Colorado border and in the Cheyenne area before sunrise Saturday and spread southward through the day, probably into Boulder-Denver during morning or early afternoon.

Most snow should fall between Saturday afternoon and early Sunday (a little earlier for Cheyenne). Snow will likely be most continuous in and near the foothills. A few east-west bands of moderate or heavy snow will likely move north to south and impact most areas.

4-8 inches: in and near the foothills (Cheyenne, Fort Collins, Boulder, Nederland, Broomfield, and the western half of metro Denver.

3-5 inches: Greeley, Longmont, eastern half of metro Denver, Colorado Springs

There is about a 10-20% chance of local areas with a bit more than 8 inches in and along the foothills north of I-70

  • for the mountains and high passes there has already been a lot of snow (especially along and north of I-70) so expect winter travel conditions



Temperatures and possible records

It’s possible some of the lower elevations along the Front Range will reach the 30s early Saturday and turn colder during the day (Cheyenne will almost certainly not reach the 30s). Temperatures will then fall rapidly through the teens and into the single digits Saturday evening. For Sunday’s maximum and Monday morning’s minimum we will be near record. I’ve repeated the records for Denver and Boulder from yesterday’s blog:

The record low maximum temperature for Sunday is 15 in Boulder and 14 in Denver.

The record low for Monday morning is -1 in Boulder and -3 in Denver.

All of the above records were set in 1978 and are within reach.